Welcome to Christ Church Knoxville!

As a new visitor to a church, we understand you have a lot of questions. What does worship look like? What is the kids ministry like? Even as simple as what do I wear? We want to help you get to know Christ Church so that you feel like we do on a Sunday morning: like family. Christ Church is a family brought together by the love of God shown to us through Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us. That’s all we want you to experience as well. We want you to be a part of this family, so we do hope you will join us on a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening or at one of our events. Feel free to explore our website for more information but more than anything, we invite you to join us on Sunday mornings to get a feel for what we’re all about.


What to expect on a Sunday morning:

9:15 - Coffee is served (and it’s the good stuff, see you later generic brand)

9:30 - Courses - During the school year we typically offer three different Courses for members and visitors to participate in. These take place in the main sanctuary and adjacent classrooms. It’s a great way to dig deeper into new topics each semester as a church.

10:15 - More coffee (you may notice a trend)

10:30 - Worship - Our worship service begins by reading God’s Word together in the Psalms, readying our hearts to receive from the Lord. We have several songs, both new and old, where we lift our voices and our hands to Christ to thank him for his love. We love to pray together and give intentionally, but when you join us for the first time we just ask that you do whatever feels comfortable to you.

11:00 - Sermon - Our lead pastor takes about 45 minutes to open the Word in preaching, usually through a series on a particular book of the bible.

12:00 - After taking communion together and singing praise to God one last time, we dismiss. We usually chat for a few minutes (or 30 minutes) afterwards before heading out for lunch because we love being together as a family!

In order to help you get to know Christ Church Knoxville, here are some common questions we would love to answer:

  • What do I wear on Sunday mornings?

    • To be honest, we’re pretty relaxed. You don’t often see suits and ties, but we invite you to come in whatever you want to, from flip-flops to high fashion it’s all ok with us.

  • What about parking?

    • Being a small church, we have the luxury of not having to fight for a space on Sundays. There is plenty of parking to go around. Please make sure you make your way to the High School building on the Christian Academy of Knoxville’s campus. Please also enter for Dutchtown Rd for best access.

  • Do you have a children’s ministry?

    • At Christ Church Knoxville we cherish our families and your kids. Our priority is your little ones’ spiritual and physical safety. When you come on a Sunday morning you can head to the children’s wing (enter the main lobby doors and turn left) to check in your kids, meet the teachers and ask any questions you might have. Youngers from infants to 4-5 years old have classrooms during Courses and the worship service. Older children and youth have separate classes as well.

  • Is Christ Church part of a denomination? How would you describe your theology?

    • While we love and partner with other churches in our city and around the world, Christ Church Knoxville is not part of a particular denomination or family of churches. If you want to put a label on it, we describe our theology as “Reformed Charismatic” and you can check out our Statement of Faith for a more detailed list of topics.

  • What does worship look like on Sunday mornings?

    • Our hope is that anyone joining us, no matter their background or previous church experience, can worship freely with us on Sundays and all throughout the week. We believe in worshipping God with our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. That means we like to sing both old and new songs, hymns and contemporary alike. You may see people raising their hands or dancing, and throughout our time of worship you will hear prayers and most of all the words of the Bible. All of this is flowing from hearts changed by the work of God and that is why we worship. We know that coming to a new place and seeing different styles can be daunting, we just want you to be with us, safe and free, so that you can see and share in what God is doing.

  • You mentioned coffee?

    • We have a team of volunteer baristas that will put away the stereotype that church coffee is always terrible. It’s a wake up, yes, but also a nice way to talk to people with a hot drink before service. To find our coffee area, just follow the crowd.

  • What’s the best way to get in touch with someone if I have questions?