At Christ Church Knoxville we looking forward to our Sunday Morning gatherings each week as we come together to learn, worship and rejoice in the Lord! While we do believe that being “Christ’s Church” is not relegated to only one day out the week, we do love these times of corporate worship as they help us going into a week of work, school, small groups and activities so we can be in Christ day after day. If you are new to Christ Church we would love to answer any questions you may have about our worship service or teaching. Here is a brief explanation of what you may see on Sunday mornings:

Sunday Order (1).png

Courses - During the school year we typically offer three different Courses (also known as Sunday School classes) for members and visitors to participate in. These take place in the classrooms down the hall for the main sanctuary. It’s a great way to dig deeper into new topics each semester as a church. We will always announce new classes in advance so you know which one you would like to attend. Please note: The Courses schedule sometimes changes from season to season, please check our Calendar Page for the most up to date schedule.

Worship - Our worship service begins by reading God’s Word together in the Psalms, readying our hearts to receive from the Lord. We have several songs, both new and old, where we lift our voices and our hands to Christ to thank him for his love. We love to pray together and give intentionally, but when you join us for the first time we just ask that you do whatever feels comfortable to you. While we believe that individual communion with the Lord is crucial to the life of a believer, we find these corporate times as a church family are a unique and amazing way for us to glorify God together.

Preaching - Our worship service then going into a time of sitting under the teaching from God’s Word. The Lord speaks to us directly through his living and active Word and we are built up as we listen to Bible-founded preaching and teaching. The sermon is usually delivered by Will, our lead pastor, or another elder of the church. You can usually expect about 40 minutes of teaching each week before we join back together for communion one last song. Check out our Sermons page to see recent Sunday sermons.