On Sunday mornings at Christ Church Knoxville, we offer semesterly courses (you may also hear it as Sunday School classes) for all ages before our worship service. At 9:15am grab some coffee so you can be in your classroom at 9:30am. These courses are a time of digging deeper into God’s Word as it relates to particular topics. We normally offer two semesters (Spring and Fall) with sets of three classes each semester. We break into our classes before coming back for worship together at 10:30am. Sometimes we also offer a corporate Course in the off semesters (Summer and Winter) so be sure to check the Calendar Page for the most up to date information on schedules.

For the Spring semester of 2019 (starting February 17th) we are offering three different classes for adults to choose from. Please see the descriptions below for each class and then submit using the form for which class you would like to sign up for.

Ecclesiastes - Course.png

Ecclesiastes: Chris Perkins and Robert Butler

Ecclesiastes is an unfamiliar book to many Christians. Perhaps it is because God speaks in a way we are not used to in this book:  in a wisdom voice. Unlike the Pauline letters, where the direct revelation of God Himself is center stage, the voice of wisdom often focuses the attention on us, revealing our true selves to us. In order to break into our well-insulated self, this wisdom voice is often raw. It is sometimes puzzling, sometimes troubling, but it always resonates, because it makes us reckon with what is real - and the One who spoke reality into being. In this course, we will dive deeply into the book of Ecclesiastes in order to grow in Gospel wisdom. In other words, Ecclesiastes will help us see ourselves and the world around us more clearly, so that we can see Jesus more clearly.

Assurance of Salvation - Course.png

Assurance of Salvation: Mark Baker and Marshall Aldredge

How can I know if I am saved? Can I ever be completely sure of my salvation? What about the warning passages in the Bible? What role do good works have in salvation? These questions are quite common for Christians young and old. The Bible has much to say about assurance of salvation. The good news is that Christian assurance is a gift of God, and mature Christians can enjoy great assurance of salvation, not as they look to themselves, but as they look to Christ. This class will look at the biblical teaching on assurance of salvation in order to fix our eyes on Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

Biblical Hospitality - Course.png

Biblical Hospitality: Kelly Tarr and Ashley Baker 

(Women Only)

The word hospitality likely brings to your mind the picture of a clean house and guests at your kitchen table, and this certainly can be an aspect of hospitality. But it’s also so much bigger than that. In this class, we’re not going to teach you how to set pretty tables and fix good meals. Together, we, who were once strangers to God but whom He now calls friends, are going to pull up our chairs up to the Divine Table and feast with the Divine Host. We're going to dig deep into the Word, building a strong Biblical foundation of hospitality, a theme we see throughout the entire Bible. We’ll trace it through both the OT and NT, growing together in our understanding of God as the Divine Host who has invited us into rich fellowship meant to be shared. We’ll see how His love leads us to be hospitable people, compelling us to love one another and the stranger. And indeed, we will learn about practical ways to show hospitality to others.

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