Christ Church Teacher Training 2018

This summer, during the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings (9:30-10:15), Christ Church Knoxville is hosting a multi-part series to train the leaders and teachers of bible studies, small groups and Sunday school classes of Christ Church. The first half of the class will be general sessions going over topics such as how to prepare a class plan, how to trace biblical arguments, etc. The second half of the class will focus on the different types of groups we have at Christ Church specifically, (ie how to prepare for Sunday Schools, how to structure bible studies) as breakout sessions. Any members of Christ Church Knoxville who want to be a teacher in the future need to attend these summer sessions, however these classes are open to anyone who wants to come!

For anyone who has missed classes or would like to listen to the classes again, the audio recordings are listed below. Unfortunately, we cannot always capture the questions from the Q and A portions of the class but the teacher's responses will be on the audio file as well.

Session 1 - "Teacher as Student: Loving God with the Mind" - June 3, 2018

Session 2 - "Teacher as Worshipper: Part 1" - June 10, 2018

Session 3 - "Teacher as Worshipper: Part 2" - June 17, 2018

Session 4 - "Children Ministry Teachers Training: Part 1" - July 1, 2018

Session 5 - "Children Ministry Teachers Training: Part 2" - July 8, 2018

Session 6 - "How to Read Biblical Poetry: Part 1" - July 22, 2018

Session 7 - "How to Read Biblical Poetry: Part 2" - July 29, 2018